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Last Modified Apr 26, 2018 By Beata

I ordered the dress on Easter and received before my requested date, exactly within a 1 month. Shipping was to Dublin, Ireland via FedEx and txt messages I was receiving from FedEx were very accurate. Did pay anything for customs which was great. Dress cost me 174 EUR incl. FedEx shipping. I picked a size 16 (EUR) from chart as it matched my measurements and around the boost it was 2 cm bigger than my actual size so I will need to get altered here in Ireland, but I knew that and wanted have space as I'm not planning to go on any diet or loose a weight before a wedding. Dress is wonderful and looks exactly like on the picture and it is a good quality. It is also A line. I didn't have a big expectations but was getting excited everyday nearer to the delivery date reading all good reviews on the site and was delighted what I saw when arrived. I also picked color white from the chart. Dresses in Ireland starts from 2000 EUR and up so I am very happy I got a good price and amazing dress! Will also recommend this site to my friends who are getting married. Don't pay for a designer dress few thousands euro just only because you are afraid to take risk of ordering a dress without trying it! Measure yourself with fiancé/sister/friend help and pick either custom or size from the chart. It will still cost a cheaper to alter than buying from a bridal shop. I will be ordering another dress different style from this site just to have a back up in case there is a rain on a wedding day and who lives in Ireland knows it rains here a lot! But this time knowing its a good quality I will do custom size to avoid alternations here in Ireland. 

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