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Last Modified Oct 19, 2016 By KaitlynRAH

Photos that go with my previous review.
1. The "Flower Girl" in the short dress that I reviewed here, with the rest of the Bridal Party at the Bridal photo shoot.
2. The adorable grown up "Flower Girl" at the photo shoot.
3. With the bride at the Bridal photo shoot.
4. The "Flower Girl" and the Bride being tough and cute.
5. With the bride on the wedding day. Bride is wearing her ceremony dress (also bought from - and we LOVED it).
6. The whole wedding party, including the Groom.

Thank you for doing such a great job on all of the wedding clothes.

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Last Modified Oct 08, 2016 By KaitlynRAH

Hi. So I found two dresses on this site that I think look exactly alike. I am pretty sure this is the one that I ordered for the "Flower Girl"(who was a grown up woman) to wear for my daughter's wedding. I will post some pictures so that you can see for yourself.
The dress turned out beautifully. It was a lovely color (19 Zinnwaldite) and went very well with the bridesmaids dresses, which were the: Elegant Tulle One Shoulder Neckline Full-length A-line Convertible Bridesmaid Dress STYLE NO.WBD47651.
My daughter wanted an adult flower girl, but she wanted her to dress a little differently than the bridesmaids. Even though I called her the Flower Girl of Honor, because she wound up doing a lot of the duties of the Maid of Honor, because she was much more of an organizer. :)
We had to have the dress shortened a little bit more, because she's very petite and we got her a cute fluffy tulle tutu thing to wear under it and we wanted it to be able to show a little.
Other than that, the dress fit her perfectly and looked very adorable on her. Thanks for the excellent and quick service. All of the dresses (Wedding dress, four Bridesmaids dresses (including one in Ivory for the bride to wear at the reception), this "Flower Girl" dress, two veils (which were also beautiful by the way) and an under slip for the mermaid style ceremony gown) were finished and arrived only about a month after we ordered them. Very please with the service and quality. Thank you. 
(Well, for some reason it won't let me upload pictures right now. I'll have to try again later.) 

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