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Last updated : Apr 24, 2018 16:39 PM

      "Don't forget that the bridal gown is just the beginning. There are many "hidden costs" when buying a bridal gown - you'll also need under garments, a slip, shoes and the ubiquitous headpiece and veil. If you think bridal gowns are overpriced, wait until you see what accessories sell for. The "average" headpiece and veil runs $250, while you can add another $300 for other accessories such as shoes, gloves, jewelry, bra and so on. Hence, the total ensemble may cost you $2075." (Bridal Bargains)Below is an example breakdown of extra costs.

2009-5-6 16-36-36.png

       laurenbridal offers accessories at discounted prices. We sell veils, tiaras, lingerie, shoes, flower girls, and Prom dressing accessories.

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